Friday, February 26, 2016

Refashion Friday: A Perfect Fit

I had the pleasure of having a very dear friend from high school come visit me this week.  We had so much fun catching up for a few hours.  I told her she couldn't leave until I refashioned her and refashion her I did!

This is what we started with:

One large white tshirt
A lacy blue striped blouse

First, we turned the tshirt inside out and pinned the shirt on both sides till it was the fitted size we needed.  Then, I sewed the seams on either side.  Once the seams were sewn, I clipped off the excess fabric and served the ends together.  That was all there was to do.

Pinned tshirt

Sewing the side seams
Next, we decided the outfit would not be complete without an infinity scarf.  This blouse was the perfect completion to the outfit.  I cut the fabric into strips wide enough to make a blousy scarf (approx. 12 inches).  There was only enough fabric in the bodice to cut one piece, so I separated the sleeves and used them to extend the scarf.  I sewed the ends together, then hemmed the sides.  Voila!

I really can't tell what this is a picture of,
but I think I'm cutting the shirt into strips
And then we had a little fun:)

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