Friday, March 4, 2016

Refashion Friday: Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

This week, one of my bests got a refashion makeover, Kathy.  I enjoy refashioning for others (if you haven't noticed), mainly because I get to sit and talk while I sew.  This girl is one of the best encouragers that I know!  I just love this girl!  So, she came to me with this large black dress that she used for a Valentine's skit, but wanted to wear this dress for church.  It really was a pretty fabric, but way too big and long sleeves.  I knew I could fix her right up!
First, we started with flipping the dress inside out and pinning it to fit her body.  I sewed up the sides, trimmed them with the serger, and that part of the dress was done.  That easy!  Next was the sleeves...
Once again, I flipped the dress inside out and laid it flat.  I chose the length I wanted the sleeves to be, keeping in mind I would be adding a hem.  I cut straight across and then used the cut piece to measure the other side to cut off.  Once cut, I serged the edges and then created a hemmed sleeve with the regular sewing machine.  Voila!

 Isn't she cute?


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